Gulmohar Media ideates, creates and implements workflows to support and enhance an integrated broadcast and digital media solutions across various platforms. Our services range across the following:

Content Creation: At Gulmohar Media, we ideate, innovate and create audio and video content for varied  Media platforms like television, online and mobile.

Content Re-purposing: In todays new age media where content serving is no longer restricted to the traditional mediums, Content Repurposing has a major role to play. One of the major challenge that the media houses are facing now is the ever growing diversity of multimedia content types and formats - and the variety of devices and platforms available to access them. Gulmohar Media offers services in repurposing content by editing, scripting and voice-overs readied to be broadcasted on television, mobile and Internet. 

Content Post Production: Gulmohar Media is equipped with high standard editing facilities with an upper hand on Creative Editing. We provide Non Linear Video Editing on Final Cut Pro/Avid/ Smoke. We also provide Broadcast Masters in SD and HD formats. Gulmohar is also equipped with Sound and Recording studios with the latest infrastructure available. We also provide multilingual subtitling services for broadcast and DVDs.